April 25, 2014

Instagram Lately

I cannot believe how caught up in "life" I was this entire week! We had off work today for Winston's Birthday. In case you were wondering, Winston is the notorious ModCloth pug and his birthday is a company holiday where everyone has the day off, one of the many perks of working there! So today was the perfect day to catch up on everything that I have been slacking on...including sleep! I was super excited to get some errands done along with some much needed spring cleaning. After having such a busy morning and afternoon I needed a little energy boost so I decided to run to Target for some Starbucks, I ended up leaving with all of this....

I don't know what it is, but Target is really amazing at making you believe that you need things that you do not. I probably have enough sunglasses, sandals, sunless tanners, and swimsuits to last me a lifetime PLUS is it not even summer yet, but I just could not leave the store without these items in my bag, For anyone that finds these items equally irresistable here you go: shadesswimsuitsandals.Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY Friday!