May 15, 2014

Good as Gold

The love of floral continues.. I think my jaw dropped when I saw this makeup bag from Forever is SO cute and the best part was it was only $6! Forever 21 always has the cutest odds & ends that I always find myself picking up in the checkout line.

On another note, I am really obsessing over Commodity Goods right now.. seriously check out their site.. for $9 you can sample each scent which becomes free if you order a full-price bottle within 30 days . Before I even got the chance to test them all out I was already sold on "Gold" but it did in fact turn out to be my favorite scent.. major win! It has a very warm & deep aroma--probably better for the fall & winter, but I love it so much that I have been wearing it even on these warmer days, definitely a new favorite! I also got to test out the guy scents (well Richie did) and he could not get enough of Moss or Whiskey.. definitely a great gift idea to keep in mind, there's a scent for everyone! Go follow their Instagram, their pictures are fabulous!