August 14, 2014

Wedding Planning...Step One

(All of the above photos are from The Frosted Petticoat Blog; such beautiful inspiration!)

Hello lovelies! I am sure you all have noticed that I have taken a little bit of my personal time away from writing new blog posts & posting new IG photos lately. I have been quite a busy lady trying to enjoy every moment of being engaged while beginning to plan for the big day! It is such a fun and exciting time of my life, I don't want to take a second for granted! With that being said, a lot of those seconds will need to be spent planning.

I am so grateful for my family and friends and all their support so far, I am also very grateful for Pinterest. Seriously, how did women plan weddings before it?! Obviouslyy I have never been married before, so I am a total rookie when it comes to planning weddings, but I have found a few timelines that I think will be extremely helpful as guidance...

Lets start with 12 months before the tentative wedding date (in no particular order):

-Start wedding folder/Pinterest board...check! I was never the kind of girl to create a wedding board before getting engaged, but as soon as I got back from vacation I jumped right into it. Now I kind of wish I would have all you girls out there that don't even have a current boyfriend but do have a "dream wedding" board you are not as crazy as people may think!

-Work out your budget...I work in finance for a living, need I say more? I would say for anyone that does not usually budget their money that this should be a huge initial focus! Every aspect of your wedding will depend on this!

-Pick your wedding far this has been my favorite part. I cannot wait to have my bestest ladies by my side. I think this is probably one of the easiest decisions that you will make along the way!

-Start planning the guest list...we exceeded our original estimate of guests before even adding in cousins...yikes, this may be a big one! It is definitely a smart move to draft the guest list before looking at venues because depending on the amount of guests you intend to have you may have to choose a different venue. I have run across venues that accommodate for less than 100 attendees to venues that accommodate for 1,000+, and of course everything in-between. 

-Hire a wedding planner...I really think I am going to pass on this one...any of you ladies have any suggestions whether this is worth it or not? 

-Engagement Party...Rich's sisters are taking care of this one for us at the end of the month...I couldn't be more thankful!

-Reserve date & venues...unfortunately we're almost a month in and STILL have not done this yet, but we are checking out some sites this weekend, so I am hoping we find a perfect spot & get a date set right away (fingers crossed!) Of course I will keep you all posted!