September 29, 2014

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September 26, 2014

Currently Craving: Brown Lipstick

Currently Craving: Brown Lipstick

Lipstick is the runner up when it comes to my favorite beauty products, right after mascara of course! I love that it comes in infinite options. I have become quite adventurous when it comes to trying out new colors...whenever I get the inspiration to try a new shade I usually play it safe by trying out a drugstore brand before investing in a more expensive brand. Maybelline has a great variety of choices for a super low price, they are usually my go-to when it comes to giving that new shade a try!

I was seriously obsessing over purples the last couple of months, my latest color craving is surprisingly brown! I think it's just my love for autumn taking over! I suggest giving "Secret Agent" by Lorac a try!


September 22, 2014

Making a Statement with Lola Accessories

How gorgeous is this necklace? I love how subtle the colors are! Lola Accessory Boutique is currently offering all of you 10% your entire purchase when code "Noelle10" is used during checkout! They have lovely statement pieces and accessories. Here are some items that would add that perfect touch to your fall wardrobe: herehere (for all of you that have had your eye on the J,Crew hounds-tooth vest since last year) and here.


September 17, 2014

Currently Craving: Floral Dresses & Booties

With summer weather still in full-swing for the next couple of weeks and all your favorite stores stocking up on their autumn gear. it can be a little difficult to halt your urge to buy every jacket, sweater, and pair of boots that you see! I still have so many dresses that I did not even get a chance to wear this summer (so many with tags still attached), luckily the weather is still warm enough to wear dresses without tights and I encourage everyone to do so! Before we know it we will all be bundled up in countless layers and wishing for warmer days.

I've been pairing my favorite toned-down dresses with booties. Florals are my absolute favorite pattern and lately I have been adoring more muted floral prints-perfect for this time of year. They are easy to dress up or down for any occasion!

Floral Dresses & Booties 1

Floral Dresses & Booties 2`

Floral Dresses & Booties 3

Floral Dress & Booties 4


September 6, 2014

Tailgating Essentials

I absolutely adore this gorgeous Izzy hangbag from Grateful Bags! This company does an amazing job combining trendy monograms with classic everyday handbags. The bags come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors! You can modify you own fonts, colors, and initials on these interchangeable acrylic monogrammed plates. I love that you can basically create your own bag to meet your personal style & taste!

The Izzy is a small crossbody, wristlet, and pouch all in one! My favorite feature of this bag is that it was designed to meet the size requirements some NCAA stadiums are implementing like the NFL did last season. It is the perfect bag for fairs, concerts, and of course games! Right now they are offering 25% off when the code "TAILGATE" is used during checkout!

Whenever I tailgate there are a few things that I absolutely need (besides my wallet & iPhone!)...a pair of sunglasses, some Essie polish to touch up if needed, lipstick, & sunscreen! What are the items that you can't leave the house without?