November 22, 2014

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Cosmetic Holiday Gift Guide

I know I have been MIA from the blogging world the past few weeks. Every minute of my time has been consumed with wedding planning, some transitioning at work, and listening to 1989 on repeat, seriously. Now that the Holiday season is pretty much in full swing I thought it would be nice to come back to share with you some of my favorite cosmetic gift sets! Is it just me or are they incredible this year?

For starters my favorite go-to gift of all time are the Naked palettes. On a personal note, I do not believe in wearing eyeshadow that is not Urban Decay. The pigment, texture, color variety, blendability & long-lasting crease-free wear is what makes these shadows incomparable to all others. The Naked palettes are made up of the most everyday wearable shades in colors ranging from light to dark, and matte to shimmer. What isn't to love?! Your bestie deserves this, and you do too!

Another favorite of mine is The Real Steal from Benefit Cosmetics. I've become pretty addicted to They're Real lash & liner, and this duo is a serious steal for the price.

Tarte has recently stolen my heart. I love the quality of their products and they come in the prettiest of packaging. This lipstick set? uhm,YES please!! This is definitely on my wish-list this year.
The Petite Treats 12 Days deluxe set is another favorite of mine that features some of their best sellers, this is an amazing value and a great way to experiment and add some new staples to your collection. What holiday gift sets have you been craving this season?